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Thailand Flooding Disaster We, NCV could give the passport and needy documents for about (1000) migrants workers (who want to go back home, who want to find new job and who are waiting for their previous job contact) in collaboration with Myanmar Embassy of Thailand, Thailand Ministry of Labor and  other international Organizations at Ratchaburi training Center which belong to Institute of skill development Region 4 ,Department of Skill Development  and Ministry of Labor and Wat Rai Khing  migrant shelter at Nakhon Pathom province. Picasa Photo See More  
Thailand Flooding Disaster On Tuesday 27 October 2011, NCV president, U Maung Sein has traveled one month trip to Thailand to strengthen cooperation in responding to humanitarian crisis. We had very good cooperation with Myanmar Embassy in Thailand, Thailand Ministry of labor (MOL), International Organizations and other stakeholders. Picasa Photo See More  
Tarchileik NCV Field Trip to Lar Za Lae Village The volunteer doctors from Tarchileik cured the patients from Lar Za Lel Village on (19.6.2011), the day of forming NCV's Tarchileik volunteer group.     Picasa Photo See More  
By Co-operation with IOM at Haiti
The NGO Noble Compassionate Volunteer Group was contracted by IOM to distribute the equipment and also to train the beneficiaries in using it.
Family Kits Distribution with UNICEF Distribution of 1,353 family kits, 2,000 tarpaulin sheets, 7,000 rope coils, 19,000 water guard bottles, 1,600 number of 14 litre buckets, 1,600 number of 45 litre plastic buckets to severely


There should be no discrimination according to race or religion


To assist population affected by natural or man made disasters


There should be no discrimination according to race or religion.

Cyclone Giri
Cyclone Giri Information
Cyclone Giri made landfall in Rakhine State on the afternoon of 22 October, close to the town of Kyaukpyu. The cyclone reached category 4 of the Saffir-Simpson scale, entailing winds reaching up to an estimated 170 kilometers per hour and a storm surge  in coastal subsequently a tropical depression on 23 October.

Haiti Information
Haiti is situated in the western one third of the island of Hispaniola between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, west of Dominican Republic.The European navigator Christopher Columbus happened upon the island Hispaniola on December 5, 1492.

Cyclone Nargis
Cyclone Nargis Information
NCV began delivering humanitarian supplies to the devastated are on 8th May 2008.It was extremely crucial that the emergency humanitarian supplies reach them in time to prevent further tragedies.

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